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3-5 day luxury retreat for women 40+


Experience the FIRST Special Forces Military style training just for women over 40 to combat aging and  change the course of their lives surrounded by the atmospheric beauty of the Italian Island of Sicily ! 

Like a cross between a personal development programme and Military Special Ops Training, Transform 2 Alpha sends you on a mission to uncover and morph into the idealised version of yourself.

During your luxury retreat on the sunny Island of Sicily, we will give you the blue print for your evolution, train you, and kick start your mission to take control of your body, mind and life and command your future. 

Plus our comprehensive follow-up program will help you stay on course and support you through our concept to reality model! 


The Time is Now 

So I am sure you have thought about getting older and perhaps even not wasting your life. You know you don’t have endless time to waste with a mediocre or unhappy life.

I promise you, if you take these 3 days for yourself to focus on who you can become, how healthy and fit you can be and how you can prevent or reverse the effects of aging and age related diseases; how structured your plans in life can be when you know what to do and how to do it – you will feel a sense of control and power like you never had before.

You see, you know what you want, you know what you need to do, you know who you would like to become and now you will finally have a way to bring this to the front of your mind and create a systematic plan that could get you there in the shortest time possible.

where is the retreat?

Welcome To The Beautiful Island of


From the natural historical Mediterranean weather and cuisines to the breathtaking views and mountains, the majestic churches, the beautiful beaches and surrounding islands or the historical landscape of Statues and architecture – The T2 Alpha Woman training ground lives here.


what will i discover?


How to Stop Accelerated Aging and Operate from ALPHA, the limitless part of yourself

Combat Aging Training with Military Precision: 

You Are In For A Time To Change Your Aging Trajectory..

  • We will spend 3-5 days focused on your personal evolution surrounded by the Mediterranean beauty of Sicily, Italy. You are in for a real treat! A time for escaping your daily life. You will be treated to exceptional food and ambiance! 
  • A multi-faceted course  only for women over 40, designed with over 30 years of expertise, delivered by JJ Armstrong M.Sc, trainer to trainers, ex-military and female entrepreneur. 
  • Challenging yet safe combat aging workouts, relaxation time, training in the military mindset for women and tactical strategy to effectively finally make real changes in your life. 
  • Personal Fitness Body, Nutrition & Health Assessment that discovers your starting point for change.
  • Daily individual consultations to ensure you meet your personal goals.
  • Daily delicious whole foods with either vegetarian/vegan or quality meat/dairy, and try local cooking cuisines.
  • Specialist Combat Aging muscle toning, fitness and agility program
  • Training is delivered in English for an international audience
  • Mental fitness through stress release training and brainwave technology 
  • Lifestyle design and the Alpha concept to reality model
  • Covert strategy tools  to detect lies and take control 
  • Personality typing and your power prescription 
  • Private tours of the incredible Island surroundings, blended in with the secret insider districts and lifestyle of the locals!

who runs the training?



Former British Military Physical Training Instructor and Special Forces Operator. JJ will get you inshape physically, mentally and recreate your life completely!

The creator of the Alphawoman training system, JJ Armstrong, is a former British Army physical training instructor/ member of the Special Forces.

She holds a masters degree in Sports Science and is a leading international trainer and educator. 

JJ has a lifelong obsession with the 80/20 style minimum dose / maximum effect strategies and is an expert at Accelerated Learning .

She deploys these tactics in her presentations by delivering complex topics in a short, usable “here’s what you need to know” format.   

JJ is very passionate about animal rights and the whole food lifestyle for longevity and peak performance after 40.  

who is it for?



  1. Women 40+ who realise they might be in for a rough ride as they get older. They want to do the right things physically, or want to kick their training up a notch, or learn how to effectively combat the changes aging brings. They want the best qualified and experienced training. Learn from one of the true masters in the field, JJ Armstrong, MSc.
  2. Women who wish to approach their physical, mental and lifestyle in a strategic way and have always been fascinated by tactical, military style training and mental toughness, or covert skills like lie detection, 5 second self defense, social engineering etc. 
  3. Those who enjoy new age philosophy and appreciate the concept of having guidance but want need practical, goal centric application for their insights.
  4. Those who are vegan / vegetarian or just simply health conscious about what they eat. Or curious about science based nutrition and want to try it; or use diet to stay young, active and beat or reverse many common aging diseases.
  5. Women who are tired of not getting specialized advice for their age group, risking injury by unsuitably qualified people or being underestimated in terms of what they can achieve at ANY age!


Women under 40 or those who do not care about the accelerated effects of aging.

Those looking just for a relaxing break of doing nothing.

Women willing to put up with status quo in their lives, unprepared to learn, train or make changes.

Those opposed to taking care of themselves, learning healthy nutrition and how to lead a strong new 2nd lifestyle as a path to a healthy longevity. 



How do I Join the AlphaWoman Combat AGING Sicilian Sunshine Lifestyle Retreat? …